Disclaimer: Once the game goes live and we play more than 30 hours of this game, we’ll be sure to update this with more suggested builds. So watch this space for more Borderlands 3 help!

It’s going to be a few days until Borderlands 3 goes live for PC, PS4, and Xbox One gamers all over the world. And with all the positive reviews the game has received, we’re sure many of you want to play the heck out of this loot-and-shoot game.

To prep you for your loot-hoarding co-op shooting journey, we’ve prepared this feature that collects all the skill trees of each Vault Hunter in the game: Amara, Zane, Moze, and FL4K. We also put in some suggested builds from all over the internet in one handy-dandy feature to give you some ideas.

Amara The Siren




Highlight Builds & Skills:

Gun-mara: A Level 50 build that uses Phaseslam as an initiator that equips you with Rush Stack and Action Skill buffs that make you tear through tough baddies easily. Equip a shotgun for maximum damage (like a Speedloadin’ Hellwalker), as well as any class mod that boosts your incendiary to 88% or more after a Phaseslam.

Melee Magic: This build is great for DPS, close-quarters combat, and fast skill recharging shenanigans. You’ll want to build your Brawl skill tree to the Downfall action skill augment first off; just make sure to use short-ranged weapons like shotguns and hotkey your melee to an easier key.

Godhand(s): Want a crowd control and AoE Siren? This build will sort you out. Use Ties That Bind to make sure everyone feels your target’s elemental AoE-filled pain.

Lightning Lass: A build with a huge slant on shock elemental and Rush stacks. A pretty offensive siren, that.

The Tankiest: If you want full crowd control with a single target focus on attacks, this Amara build might do wonders.

Zane The Operative




Highlight Builds & Skills:

Fortress of Zanitude: This Zane build is meant for mobs and survival. Cryo skills, shields, and random grenades are the order of the day.

The Zippiest: A level 50 build that makes sure Zane gets the highest DPS from his gadgets and his speed. You’ll also need specific weapons and shields to make this build work, like an Infiltrator Mod that boosts your damage if your shields are down, and an Augment Stop Gap to give you that few seconds of invincibility when your shield breaks.

Fast & Furious: Zane’s Digi-Clone is built for solo play, and this build exploits that fact. Zane’s Violent Momentum passive can help boost your damage while you’re on the move too.

Digi Clone Momentum Build #1, Build #2: Zane can use digi-clone and SNTNL while building movement speed with his patented dual skill wielding.

Solo Hitman: For those who work alone and want to get more benefits out of Zane’s clone/teleport tech.

Moze The Gunner




Highlight Builds & Skills:

Through The Fire & Flames: This Moze build prioritizes the Salamander Iron Bear augment and sets everything aflame. The Stoke the Embers and Fire in the Skag Den passives will make sure anything with a red HP bar dies super-fast.

Explosions Aplenty: Just like the company Torgue, this build is explosive and benefits anyone who likes AoE attacks.

Dr. StrangeMoze: This build drops Iron Bear for nukes every minute or so to spread radiation on enemies. Focuses on cooldown reduction, splash damage, grenades frequency, and ammo regeneration.

FL4K The Beastmaster




Highlight Builds & Skills:

Invisi-Death Boss Killer: A level 50 build that focuses on Fade Away, Furious Attack, and Guerillas In The Mist. Stay invisible for 12 seconds, then use that time to line up your shots and deal criticals like no tomorrow.

Pet Power: If you want DPS, solo play, and self-healing, this build will help you. Focuses on Gamma Burst, Great Horned Skag, and Atomic Aroma.

Near Invisible Build: This build will let you go invisible with criticals.

Best Friend Protocol: A build focused on the Master and Stalker skill tree. Your pets are your number one priority and harassers to complement FL4K’s Gamma Burst.

Heal Bot: If you want team support and dish out regens, this one may work. Just make sure you have the Spider-Ant as your pet.

Horizon Walker: For you 5th Edition D&D players out there. Teleport shenanigans, favoured enemy traits, survivability: it’s all here.




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