It’s been a while since we’ve played a four-player-or-more co-op Resident Evil game since RE: Outbreak. So it’s high time Capcom went back to that zombie-filled well in its upcoming spin-off Project Resistance.

Leaked earlier last week, Capcom now made it official with its latest teaser trailer. It’s looking like a four-player co-op shooter not unlike Left 4 Dead, right down to the titular tyrant Mr. X who acts as the stand-in for the tank, but with that Resident Evil touch. Hope they bring in the one-liners and cheesy dialogue.


(Update):….and Capcom recently announced that it’s not so much a 4-player co-op game, but rather a 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game. So, kinda like that 2K Games shooter Evolve but hopefully better and more thought-out.

The game will be developed by NeoBards Entertainment. Here’s how it will play out:

  • In each 4v1 match, one Mastermind player tracks the four Survivors through a network of security cameras, staying one step ahead to prevent their escape.
  • The Mastermind gets a deck of cards and plays them to set traps, unleash vicious bio-creatures, and even weaponize security cams. He/she can even directly control zombies during intervals, and even the “Mr. X” tyrant.
  • The 4 survivors need to work together and fend off the Mastermind’s attacks while escaping before time runs out. Each different survivor has different skills.







Resident Evil: Project Resistance will be out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In addition, there will be a closed beta running from 4th October through 7th October. You can register here; it’ll be open until 18th September.



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