It was only a matter of time. EA has confirmed that physical editions of Apex Legends are coming out next month. There will be two versions, one focused on Bloodhound and another on Lifeline.

Each physical release will cost you US$19.99 (~RM84) and of course, it’s charging you for in-game cosmetics in the form of skins, banners, and badges.

Seeing as how Apex Legends is a free-to-play game, everyone’s asking the same question: Is it worth the money?

The physical editions will come with the following:

The Lifeline Edition

  • Legendary Guardian Angel Lifeline skin
  • Legendary Chooser of the Slain Flatline skin
  • Exclusive Winged Guardian Banner
  • Exclusive Angel Struck Badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

The Bloodhound Edition

  • Legendary The Intimidator Bloodhound skin
  • Legendary Wrath Bringer Prowler skin
  • Exclusive Feeling Impish Banner
  • Exclusive Tormentor Badge
  • 1,000 Apex Coins

The legendary skins that come with the physical editions are not (yet) available for purchase in the game’s digital store so it’ll be fairly obvious to everyone playing that you’re one of those people who coughed up RM84 for Apex Legends. A big bonus if you’re into that.

That extra 1,000 Apex Coins? Buying it straight from the Origin store will cost you US$16.00 (~RM67) so when combined together with all the exclusive in-game items you’re getting, you’re definitely paying less to get more.

I can confidently say you won’t be seeing me get back into Apex Legends with an exclusive Bloodhound or Lifeline skin anytime soon. These skins look cool and all but I’m someone who’s focused on having fun. I don’t need these to have fun.

If you’re short on cash (like me), skip this one and just play the game for free. You’ll still be having the same amount of fun as everyone else. Assuming you’re good at the game, of course (I’m not).

Both the Bloodhound Edition and the Lifeline Edition of the Apex Legends physical release are launching on 18 October 2019 for US$19.99 (~RM84). For more information, check out the official announcement here.


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