Borderlands 3 director Paul Sage told us that part 3 will be accommodating to newcomers. Having said that, having a “3” in your title means that there’s going to be some history to unpack.

So let’s point you to the right direction so you can get the Cliff’s Notes version of the backstory (via oboeshoesgame)


Ah yes, the OG looter shooter. It’s where we first we meet Claptrap, learn about skags, and kill a lot of bandits and Crimson Raider soldiers. Ah, good times.

Basically, the first Borderlands implemented the well-known formula of asking the players to find three macguffins in order to save the world. Or at least prevent bad guys from getting access to what could destroy the crappy planet we live on.

Either way, you get to get missions delivered by folks like Scooter (Catch A Ride!) and Helena Pierce (who made her debut in the very first Borderlands trailer), and fight a giant space vagina monster with tentacles as the last boss.

Borderlands 2

More guns, shinier graphics, and a less textbook plot. Borderlands 2 promised those things, delivered them, and went a bit further.

This time we’re introduced to a more colourful cast of characters spearheaded by the belo- I mean absolutely hated, Handsome Jack. We also meet the heroes and heroines from the first game who are NPCs who give you missions.

We also get a dose of memorable side characters like Sir Hammerlock, Ellie, and Tiny Tina, all thanks to the comedic and serious tone-balanced writing of one Anthony Burch.

Tales of the Borderlands

Look, I don’t blame you if you call yourself a Borderlands fan but never played Tales of the Borderlands. It’s more common than you think.

So there’s nothing wrong in watching a recap of the game and in fact, you should because there are characters and important plot points that will carry over to Borderlands 3.

Also, this is that game where we get a scene of everyone gets into a finger-gun fight. Don’t worry, it’s also in the recap video below.

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

The bastard child of the Borderlands saga. The gameplay is rote and not as impactful as the second game. However, it does shed some light at the state of gun manufacturer Hyperion pre-Borderlands 2 and paint Jack in a different light before he became all psycho in part 2.

Also, tons of Australian accents.

That’s it for our recap. Let us know your favourite Borderlands moment on the comments below or on Facebook.


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