The grandfather of Dead Space and Bioshock is making a comeback, this time with shinier graphics but the same evil voice we’ve come to know and fear.

Most young gamers of today (like myself) has probably never played either one of the first two System Shock games. Often cited as the main inspiration for most modern sci-fi horror games, System Shock 2 pretty much became the gold standard of how to create a scary isolated setting in space using aliens and murderous A.I.

About 20 years later, we’re finally getting System Shock 3 which is great for young’uns like me who never got to experience the terror of hearing SHODAN’s voice. However, only the pre-alpha gameplay footage has been released so we might still be at least a year away from its release.

One thing for sure is that the game looks incredibly atmospheric which is exactly what most modern sci-fi horror games try to emulate from System Shock 2. From the corpse-filled hallways to the digital tones of computers and machines, it’s a dream come true for fans of the genre.

Longtime fans of the series are definitely most excited to hear the iconic voice of SHODAN once more. Terri Brosius, who has been voicing SHODAN since the first game, will be reprising her role once more. Some grade-A fanservice right there.

Judging by what’s shown in the trailer, the gameplay will expand upon the mechanics in System Shock 2 with the player using any object and weapon to kill, hack, craft, and solve their way to taking down SHODAN one more time. Most fans remember System Shock 2 for its great puzzles so I’m hoping those will make a comeback too.


Unsurprisingly, there’s still no official release date or even a list of confirmed platforms that the game will be playable on, although everyone is confident that it’s definitely coming out for PC.

If you want to read up more on System Shock 3, pay a visit to the game’s official website. For more upcoming news on the cyberpunk sci-fi horror game, stay tuned on Kakuchopurei.


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