In the midst of Borderlands 3‘s messy PC launch, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has come forward with a bold claim stating that the game’s numbers for launch day peak concurrent players are about double the all-time peak of concurrent players in Borderlands 2.

Unfortunately for us skeptics, Randy doesn’t provide any evidence that backs up this claim and usually I wouldn’t be all that doubtful of multi-millionaire game dev CEOs but this is Randy Pitchford we’re talking about.

Yesterday, he tweeted out another statement, this time stating that the peak concurrency numbers are still climbing and have surpassed everything else in Gearbox history. Again, no proof given.


Personally, I believe Randy does speak the truth but it doesn’t negate the fact that the PC version has a lot of technical issues (here’s how to solve them). Hopefully, the success of the game will prompt Gearbox to roll out patches that fix all the embarrassing problems evident on both PC and consoles.

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