A gripping action RPG like Astral Chain just wouldn’t be complete without a lovable cast of characters. And who better to sit at the top of that list than Lappy, the quirky dog mascot of Astral Chain’s police force?

But there’s more to Lappy under that large and unbearably hot suit, and that’s Marie Wentz. When she’s not in dressed as Lappy, impersonating him in a heavy Texan accent, she takes care of mundane tasks such as cleaning and paperwork throughout Neuron Headquarters.


She doesn’t play a huge role in the story, but Marie’s a bona fide cutie who loves cats and strongly believes in fostering good relations between the police and public, even if she can be a little bit clumsy. And she pulls off her duties through sleek black-rimmed glasses that are no doubt stylish, even for a geek.

Can’t get enough of Marie? We’ve put together a list of other spectacled beauties from various games that’ll surely catch your eye too.

#20. Bayonetta – Bayonetta


As one of the most iconic characters with glasses in video game history, Bayonetta is an easy mention. She’s the epitome of a mature and sexy character, kicking angel (and demon) butt in solid high heels and with a playful attitude.

The glasses aren’t for her eyesight and more of a fashion accessory, which she sports well as she takes down her enemies in style.

#19. Mei – Overwatch

Mei_yaaaaaaaaay (1)

How much do you care about climate change? Because Mei from Overwatch is a compassionate scientist with a mission to preserve the environment. Working long hours to save millions is certainly a fair tradeoff if all it means is poorer eyesight, but don’t assume this means Mei is a pushover in a fight.

Though she plays defensively compared to her peers, her ice walls and ability to freeze her opponents may prove challenging to work around.

#18. Denise Marmalade – The Misadventures of Tronn Bonne


Hailing from The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, a spin-off to the Mega Man Legends series, Denise is a police officer who carries quite a bit of low self-esteem. Like Marie, she takes care of the paperwork at her station, but often messes up, much to the disdain of her superiors.

Denise has tried arresting Tron Bonne on multiple occasions but always falls short despite her effort. Still, her determination in spite of her shortcomings is an endearing trait that you can’t fault her for.

#17. Litchi Faye Ling – BlazBlue


Martial artists and glasses aren’t a combo you often see, but Litchi Faye Ling from the BlazBlue series pulls off the look well. A fighter that’s adept at landing palm strikes and split kicks, she also battles her foes with a staff that she can control at will. Whenever she isn’t trading blows, she runs a clinic as a kind-hearted and capable doctor. Besides her China-red glasses, the little panda Lao Jiu that rests on her head is a cute added touch to her design.

#16. Lucca – Chrono Trigger


If you love cute and intelligent girls, Lucca is certainly one to look out for. A childhood friend to the silent protagonist of Chrono Trigger, she invents revolutionary devices out of sheer passion and brilliance, like a battle robot and a teleporter that travels through time. She can also hold her own in a fight, fending off enemies with flamethrowers and bombs. Who doesn’t like a geeky girl that’s also friendly and strong?

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  1. Little correction. Julia Chang has been wearing glasses since Tekken 4. They were part of her default outfit in that game, and appeared on her secondary outfit in Tekken 5 and 6.

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