We’ve seen the horrifying monsters and killers from other popular films and games such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Left 4 Dead, Scream, and more appear in Dead by Daylight. The next chapter of DLC will be featuring new characters and a monster from Stranger Things.

The biggest addition in the DLC is the new Underground Complex map based on the location where most of the bad scientific experiments happen in the small town of Hawkins. It will be tainted by the familiar tentacles and snow-like dust that characterises the Upside Down alternate dimension.

New Killers are usually the most exciting part of new DLCs. This time, we’re getting the flower-faced Demogorgon. It comes with the “Of The Abyss” Power which will allow it to place portals to traverse the map quickly. It will also have 3 perks: Surge, Cruel Limits, and Mindbreaker.

On the part of new Survivors, we’re getting stubborn investigator Nancy Wheeler and my favourite ice cream man Steve Harrington. Nancy’s perks are Better Together, Fixated, and Inner Strength. Steve gets Babysitter, Camaraderie, and Second Wind.

The Stranger Things Chapter is out now for PC and consoles.

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