Two actors are currently in talks to join Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson as the titular Dark Knight. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they are none other than Jonah Hill and Westworld actor Jeffrey Wright.

Jonah Hill is still in very early discussions with the studio because both sides reportedly can’t decide on what character the actor should be playing. Sources say that the two characters are the Penguin and the Riddler, both of which are prominent Batman villains.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Wright is likely going to be cast as Commissioner Gordon, replacing J.K. Simmons who previously portrayed the grizzled police commissioner and ally to the Caped Crusader in 2017’s Justice League.

Personally, I think Jonah Hill can pull off both the Penguin and the Riddler if he wanted to, as evident from his recent dramatic roles like Todd Phillips’ War Dogs and Gus Van Sant’s Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on Foot in the past few years. It would be interesting to see him tackle the Riddler, who deserves a proper introduction (and not the proto-Joker Jim Carrey was playing in 1995’s Batman Forever).

One thing I do have to point out is that The Batman is supposed to take place in the already-established DC Extended Universe (DCEU) while also being a soft reboot of sorts (or a prequel in the vein of Batman: Year One), so it’s weird to see even the likes of Commissioner Gordon being recast.

The Batman is slated to release on 25 June 2021.



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