Kandagawa Jet Girls Is Shaping Up To Be A Titular Jet Moto Anime Spin-Off

If you ever thought to yourself if your digital jetski game needed more anime girls in swimsuits, then consider your prayers answered thanks to Marvelous.

The company announced its PlayStation 4 (water)sports title Kandagawa Jet Girls, a jetskiing game where you race against your opponents on nifty water courses while also slowing them down with watergun fire.


Each jetski requires two people to race; one to drive and one to shoot. The game has a main campaign where you play an aspiring Jetter (that’s what these jetski riders are called here) named  Rin Namiki who wants to be the best there is and follow the steps of her mother, a Jetter legend. She teams up with the cool-headed Misa Aoi to take on different teams that represent different fetishes female anime tropes sectors of Japan.



In case you’re wondering why the ladies look like what they do on these screencaps, it’s because the game is made by Senran Kagura devs in Marvelous. If you’re not too distracted by the game’s Story Mode which is probably filled with talking heads and ample bosoms, you can check out Free Mode (fight against CPU characters) or Online Mode (4-player competitive mode).

Hey, as long as the water physics, shooting, and racing is arcade-y and spot-on, I don’t care how much spice and cheesecake ends up in Kandagawa Jet Girls. Expect this PlayStation 4 title to be out next year on 16th January.

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  1. which will likely sell at below average on account of other titles and continuing season passes coming out for on going games by that point and given sony’s treatment this will either bomb or just be under the needed quota to call it a success which even then it’s just senran kagura transfered into this one kind of giving it less of an identity.

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