Urination, babysitting, and delivery service simulator. If anyone asked me what Death Stranding is about, those are some of the words I would use to describe it. Now, I can also add “finished” to that list.

In one of Kojima Productions’ latest tweets, we can see Hideo Kojima and his team celebrating the completion of Death Stranding‘s development. Developers and other personnel from Sony and Guerilla were also thanked for their contributions in bringing to life Kojima’s weird game that will be undoubtedly praised by at least some of his loyal fans despite them not really understanding it.


In case you forgot, the first Death Stranding trailer debuted at E3 2016. Judging by that, it’s safe to assume that the game began development sometime in 2015 after Kojima left (or was sacked by) Konami. Games usually go through a development cycle lasting 4 to 5 years so I’m quite surprised Kojima didn’t stretch it to 7 years due to how ambitious it looks.

Only a game made by Kojima can have the entire world still feeling confused even after showing almost one hour of gameplay footage. I’m not someone who can get excited about things I don’t understand, even if it’s coming from a creator I adore.

Death Stranding comes out 8 November 2019 exclusively for the PS4. There might be PC version in the future but that’s not confirmed.


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