This feature is still under development because there are way too many guns to keep track of. So good job, Gearbox!

Guns, guns, and more guns. That’s the real reason we all play Borderlands 3, to satiate our endless hunger for a collection of firearms to grow unhealthily attached to.

A reddit user by the name of zafrostpet has taken the initiative to compile a list of all the known Legendary weapons in Borderlands 3. It’s not a finalised list so do expect it to be updated in the future. Still, it’s a nifty guide for those of you looking to stockpile more orange-glowing guns into your arsenal.

Zafrostpet’s list also includes methods on how to get the legendaries plus links to videos that demonstrate how each gun operates.

I’ve translated the list into this article by arranging the weapons according to type as well as where they drop from. World drop means that the weapon has a good chance to drop from loot tinks, bosses, or badass enemies.

I even included links on where to farm for these bad boys. Take a look:







Assault Rifle


  • Breath of the Dying (world drop)
  • Warlord (world drop)
  • Barrage (world drop)
  • Kaos (world drop)
  • Star Helix (world drop)
  • Pain is Power (world drop)
  • Embrace the Pain (world drop)
  • Sawbar (world drop)
  • Laser-Sploder (world drop)
  • Bearcat (world drop)
  • Alchemist (world drop)
  • Try-Bolt (world drop)
  • Sickle (world drop)
  • Lucian’s Call (world drop)
  • Faisor (world drop)
  • The Dictator (world drop)
  • Ogre (world drop)
  • Shredifier (world drop)
  • Damned (world drop)
  • Gatling Gun (world drop)
  • Lead Sprinkler (world drop)
  • Hand of Glory (Quest reward from “The Guns of Reliance”)
  • Rowan’s Call (loot-o-gram,  world drop)
  • Bekah (reward for finishing all 10 Legendary Hunts)
  • Carrier (world drop)
  • Yell (world drop)



Rocket Launcher


That’s all the Legendaries listed so far. I’ll be updating the list when more are found so stay tuned!

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