This Could Be The Next Apex Legends Character


When the Apex Legends Season 3 trailer dropped, it confirmed all the leaks about Crypto being the eleventh Legend and also the addition of at least one new weapon from Titanfall. That new map still caught most of us off guard.

However, most people missed one crucial detail: The appearance of a twelfth Legend in the trailer.

I’ve embedded the trailer down here to make it easy for you guys to join me in the next Apex Legends speculation train ride. Skip to the part where everyone is about to deploy (skip to 0:50) and you’ll see that they are all split into four teams of three. With Crypto being the eleventh Legend, there’s one character unaccounted for.

On the left side we see Pathfinder, Caustic, and Octane in one team. In the foreground, we got Bloodhound, Gibraltar, and Bangalore in one team. In the background is the team that the trailer focuses on – Crypto, Mirage, and Lifeline. Finally, we got the team on the right which comprises of Wraith, Wattson, and the possible new character.

As if knowing he/she is being used as a tease, the character has their back facing us so we can’t really get a good look at them. All I can observe is that they appear to be one of the chunkier Legends like Gibraltar and Caustic. It also looks like they’re carrying a backpack or one of those camping rolls we see hikers carrying. It could be that they’re wearing armour.

t isn’t completely uncharacteristic of Respawn to give future characters and guns an early appearance because they’ve definitely done it before for other Legends and weapons before this such as the L-Star being used in the Season 1 gameplay trailer. The weapon only became available in Season 2.

So now we wait for the data miners to do their work!

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