With the upcoming (or recent – depending on when you read this) update and season of Apex Legends, developers Respawn didn’t only present us with a brand new map to play on – they gave us a brand new game to sink our teeth in.

So long Kings Canyon – Skull Town, Bunker, Containment, The Cage, The Pit, Slum Lakes and all. It’s been fun. But we are on to new things now for Season 3.

Not only are we given a brand new legend to play as, or against, in Crypto – the introduction of World’s Edge throws everything we learned in the first two seasons into the mixer for a brand new meta, play style and approach to the ‘hero battle royale’ from the makers of Titanfall.

Charted Territory

Some may argue that the introduction of a new map isn’t such a big of a deal having seen the same being done for PUBG. But once you consider that the introduction of World’s Edge replaces Kings Canyon as the only map in the game; not as an alternative, we are suddenly in view of not just brand new battleground, but a whole new experience altogether.

Which leads to our point of this piece – there’s no better time for newbies and unconverted alike to jump on to the Apex Legends hype train than now. Some players, including yours truly, tend to feel out-gunned and in a severe disadvantage when jumping in late into multiplayer games which have gained significant player base over time.

Veteran players know all the tricks of the trade – where to hide, vantage points and quirks of the maps which they can exploit.

Given that Respawn introduced a host of changes on Kings Canyon midway through Season 2 which gave a lead to Crypto’s introduction, the presence of leviathans and new structures on Kings Canyon were swiftly mastered by the Apex Legends player base. Still, it was a commendable effort considering that their first major change to the game was done in less than six months of the game’s life cycle.

For comparison, it took PUBG Corp close to a year to release the game’s second map, Miramar and Epic Games waited ELEVEN seasons before they even thought of introducing a new map on Fortnite. The experienced players get to prey on newbies which in turn, discourages fresh meat from even dipping their toes.

An Edge Up

Respawn’s enforced introduction of Worlds Edge takes all of that edge away from Apex Legends “veterans”, which in turn, providing somewhat a more level playing field for newbies.

The introduction of Crypto and a host of tweaks involving a new weapon, hop-ups shuffle and weapons balance puts everyone relatively on the same boat in which only the skillfull, tactically-adept, and highly adaptable survive. Want to know our top picks for Season 3 changes? We have it all covered here.

Good news NFGs. You have a fighting chance after all.

Apex Legends have grown from strength to strength since its shock February release and we are still sticking with our review score in which we labelled it as 2019’s ‘quintessential battle royale éxperience’. After receiving initial complaints about the lack of content following the game’s meteoric rise, Respawn bounced back even stronger with high-quality content which would (and should) put other battle royale developers constantly on their toes.

Apex Legends’ third season kicks off this week. For everything you need to know about the game, we have everything grouped up here.


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