If you weren’t all interested in Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers action-adventure title, you might be now. Especially if you like certain Inhumans who can embiggen their fists.


Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan will enter the fray as a playable character according to a Marvel announcement at the New York Comic Con 2019. Since the game has an original story sanctioned by Marvel, her backstory’s probably going to be tweaked (ie: she gets her powers in the previous trailer’s A-Day event). In the trailer, she’s seen interacting mostly with Bruce Banner and Tony Stark, and maybe a key character in bringing the band back together.

Turns out that this is a fast forward of that E3 2019 gameplay trailer we saw (and played); apparently Captain America died during the events of A-Day and is vilified by the public. Seems like the game’s story will revolve around her and dealing with AIM, the Marvel universe’s de facto sci-fi bad guys.


Oh, and we may be getting a Kamala Khan/Bruce Banner road trip adventure. Ms. Marvel and The Hulk, smashing bad guys and bonding as nerds; fun!


We are pretty stoked that Ms. Marvel is getting the spotlight in this new venture. Marvel’s Avengers will be out 15th May 2020.






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