Here’s Where You Can Catch Gemini Man In HFR 3D+ In Malaysia

Will Smith’s next major blockbuster is Gemini Man, which is slated to release on 10 October 2019 in Malaysian cinemas. While the movie wasted its ‘Old Man Smith V Fresh Prince’ premise and potential (check out my full review here), it’s undeniable that the movie marks a significant advancement in cinematic technology.

Gemini Man is one of only several movies to have been shot entirely at high frame rates (HFR), specifically in 120fps. In comparison, the normal frame rate is just usually 24fps. High frame rates are more common in games and TV but are new to the world of cinema.

That’s because HFR movies tend to lose their cinematic and theatrical sheen most viewers are used to. Instead, every motion and detail can now be clearly observed, which (for some) would break the immersion as the movie would look fake, made-up and like it was filmed right in front of them.

HFR 3D+ makes for a completely different experience, one that movie lovers should try at least once. The problem is that not every cinema can project a movie in HFR 3D+, which is why Paramount is distributing Gemini Man in versions ranging from 2D 24fps to 3D 2K 60fps and 3D 4K 120fps.

In Malaysia, the best version we’re receiving is the 3D 2K 60fps (courtesy of United International Pictures Malaysia), which in turn can only be experienced in specific cinemas. Normal cinemas will likely just show the 2D 24fps version instead.

That’s why we’re making it easier for those who want to watch the HFR 3D+ version of Gemini Man. Below are lists of all HFR 3D+ Gemini Man showings in different cinema chains across Malaysia:

GSC Cinemas

Gemini Man HFR 3D+ 1

TGV Cinemas

Gemini Man HFR 3D+ 2

Gemini Man HFR 3D+ 3

MBO Cinemas

Gemini Man HFR 3D+ 4

Gemini Man HFR 3D+ 5

Bona Cinemas

Gemini Man HFR 3D+ 6

King’s Trioplex

Gemini Man HFR 3D+ 7


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