We List All Of Borderlands 3’s Rare Spawn Hunt Enemy Locations And Rewards


The Borderlands anniversary celebration is still ongoing and this week, the Borderlands 3 event this time is the Rare Spawn Hunt. From 8 October to 14 October 2019, more rare enemies in designated areas of Pandora and other planets will appear more often with a higher chance of dropping good loot.

So if you’re keen on adding more Legendaries to your collection of weapons, you’ll want to make use of our guide on how to find those rare spawns. This video by DPJ will be of great help too.

1. Rakkman

Loot: Night Flyer pistol.

You can find him at this location in Carnivora.

2. El Dragon Jr.

Loot: Unleash the Dragon artifact.

You’ll find our fiery friend in Jakob’s Estate on Eden-6.

3. Road Dog

Loot: Redline shotgun.

Road Dog can be found at the Splinterlands on Pandora.

4. IndoTyrant

Loot: random customisation.

Spawns at Knotty Peak and make your way to Floodmoor Basin on Eden-6.

5. Force Troopers

Loot: random Legendary class mod.

Find these guys in Atlas HQ on Promethea.

6. Demoskaggon

Loot: random Legendary shield.

Stranger things have been seen elsewhere but you’ll find this one in the Droughts on Pandora.

7. The Unstoppable

Loot: Band of Sitorak shield.

Stop this man in Ambermire on Eden-6.

8. Thunk & Sloth

Loot: It’s Piss grenade mod.

Get this legendary grenade mod at Konrad’s Hold on Pandora.

9. Maxitrillion

Loot: Horizon shotgun.

You can get this singularity-inducing shotgun at the Voracious Canopy on Eden-6.

10. Borman Nates

Loot: Psycho Stabber pistol.

Get your Oedipus Complex on at the Meridian Outskirts on Promethea.

11. Princess Tarantella II

Loot: Hive rocket launcher.

Spawn at the Chop Shop and make your way to the Splinterlands on Pandora.

12. Mother of Grogans

Loot: random Legendary artifact.

Find her at the Anvil on Eden-6.

13. Red Jabber

Loot: random Legendary grenade mod

Find this Jabber at the Ambermire on Eden-6.

14. Urist McEnforcer

Loot: Masterwork Crossbow sniper rifle

You can get this awesome sniper rifle in Lectra City on Promethea.

That’s all the rare enemies you’ll want to farm during this event. Next week, we’ll have an event called Show Me The Eridium which will probably give us a good chance to farm for… well, Eridium.

Have fun and don’t forget to like, follow, and obey!

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