As time goes by, more PC gamers are adopting ray-tracing cards so that they can witness what future games look like at their best. However, it’s not just new games that are getting the treatment.

Earlier this year, Nvidia Lightspeed Studios released Quake II RTX. It’s a full-fledged remaster of the original Quake II with integration of ray-tracing. It might not be what RTX GPU owners think of playing to test out their expensive cards but I guess that’s why it was released for free. It’s still a cool treat for fans and those who never got to play the game.

Quake II RTX.

A recent job listing for a producer at Lightspeed Studios reveals that Nvidia is “kicking off an exciting new game remastering program”. This job ad was put up only 18 days ago. The description also hinted at an upcoming project that involves a title people “know and love”. Here’s the full description:

“NVIDIA is kicking off an exciting new game remastering program. We’re cherry-picking some of the greatest titles from the past decades and bringing them into the ray tracing age, giving them state-of-the-art visuals while keeping the gameplay that made them great. The NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios team is picking up the challenge starting with a title that you know and love but we can’t talk about here! We’re building a team of talented, dedicated game developers who are ready to get going quickly.”

So what are these new remasters going to be? My money’s on titles from series like Unreal, Doom, and System Shock. Those games would probably look amazing with ray-tracing technology.

Thanks for the heads up, PC Gamer.

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