It’s over, folks. Fortnite is officially dead

Well, sort of.

It’s been almost 10 hours since Fortnite became totally unplayable. If you’ve logged out of Fortnite, you won’t be able to log in. For those who have stayed logged in, all they’re seeing is what seems to be a small black hole in the middle of their screens. For those who were lucky enough to witness the live event that created the black hole, they saw something incredible.


As we all know, Season X began with the map being reverted to the pre-meteor strike status. However, the meteor wasn’t completely gone. Time was reverted back to mere moments before the meteor hit so it stayed afloat just a few stories above ground. The meteor wasn’t in complete stasis, it was still going towards the ground, just extremely slowly.

In the live event that happened yesterday, the meteor… I think it’s better if you just watch it yourself.

After the meteor crashed, it formed a singularity that sucked in everything including the battle bus. Then, the music died down to a more innocuous tone. Finally, we see it: the black hole everyone has been staring it for the past 8 hours. Those who were in the game’s lobbies also experienced the singularity, seeing their characters and even menu buttons being sucked into the black hole.

If all that isn’t enough, the official Fortnite Twitter page also deleted all of its tweets except one that’s been up since the black hole formed: a livestream of the black hole. No captions or anything. Just a stream of the black hole. On Friday, they tweeted “the end is near” and earlier today “this is the end” was tweeted. The black hole screen is also being streamed on Fortnite’s YouTube channel.

The interesting thing about the black hole screen is that it isn’t static. Every now and then, a random number pops up on the screen. Players from the Fortnite community have been cracking their brains over these numbers, trying to decipher what they mean. I believe some of them have managed to cracked the code (with what’s been revealed so far).

Looks like we’ll have to keep watching the stream to see if any more numbers pop up or maybe it’s coming to an end soon. What’s guaranteed is that something big is definitely coming. I don’t think it’s Fortnite 2 or Fortnite: Chapter 2 but probably Season 11 which, I believe, will come with an entirely new map.

Fun fact: The Epic Games Store itself suffered a crash after the Fortnite event occurred. It has been fixed but that just goes to show how big of a thing Fortnite is in the Epic Games Store ecosystem.


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