Yesterday, Riot Games shocked the games industry by announcing several League Of Legends spinoffs of various genres. However, the developer has now clarified that Garena (the publisher of League Of Legends in the Southeast Asian region) will not be publishing any of these upcoming League Of Legends spinoffs in the SEA region.

On its official website, Riot Games have revealed that they will directly publish their own games in Southeast Asia from now on, with the exception of Vietnam and Taiwan. Despite that, it should be noted that Garena will still remain the publisher of League Of Legends (the original MOBA game) and continue supporting it in the SEA region.

Unfortunately, due to these circumstances, players won’t be able to use their Garena League Of Legends account to play these new League Of Legends spinoffs.

Players will have to create a new Riot Games SEA account for that purpose, though details have yet to be revealed as to how exactly to do that.

What this means is that you will still need your Garena account to play League Of Legends, but will need a new Riot Games SEA account to play the upcoming spinoffs. For more details and information on this new arrangement, head on over to the official FAQ page here.


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