The Goose From Untitled Goose Game Honks Its Way Into Resident Evil 2

As days go by, modders find more ways to make Mr. X look more ridiculous in Resident Evil 2. From the same modder who brought us Thomas the Tank Engine as Mr. X, he now brings us the goose from Untitled Goose Game.

Resident Evil modder ZombieAli has just tweeted out a gif of the mod which shows the goose lifting up the crashed helicopter, a moment that marks Mr. X’s terrifying debut. As you’d expect, it’s a lot less terrifying now.

It looks like the mod isn’t out yet as ZombieAli states he’s still working on it. However, it’s awesome to see that he will be adding the goose’s honking noise in the final version. Now this, is the true power of a successful indie game.

Author: Burhanudin Zamri

Byrgenwerth Scholar and occasional writer. Likes well-timed dodges. Dislikes dialogue wheels.

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