Razer Teams Up With Pokemon For Pikachu-themed PC Gaming Peripherals

Less than a month ahead of the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, Razer has unveiled a new lineup of Pokemon-themed PC gaming peripherals based on everyone’s favourite lightning rodent Pikachu. The lineup consists of a keyboard, a mouse, and a mousepad.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Pikachu peripherals are only available in China. It’s only being sold on Razer’s Taobao Tmall official store. Let’s take a look at each of the items in the lineup.

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First, we got the keyboard which seems to be Razer’s infamous mecha-membrane keyboard the Razer Ornata. Known for its poor build quality and unsatisfying typing experience, this version of the keyboard now comes in a black-and-yellow colour scheme. The magnetic wrist rest that comes with the keyboard now sports images of Pikachu in its texture. That Pokeball escape key is pretty cool too. The keyboard is priced at CN¥699 (~RM414).

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If you’re used to seeing or using Razer peripherals, then you’ll be able to identify at a glance that the Pikachu-themed mouse is a reskin of the Razer Deathadder Essential. On top of the yellow paint job, the scroll wheel and side buttons are now red instead of black. The green-RGB-lit Razer logo is replaced with a symbol of Pikachu’s tail.

The mousepad shown in the store page seems to be a small-sized Razer Goliathus, though I can’t identify whether it’s the Speed or Control model. There’s not much to say aside from the fact that it’s really cute. Well, this whole set is cute. The mouse and mousepad combo is priced at CN¥399 (~RM237).

As I mentioned earlier, this lineup is only officially available in China for now. There’s no word on whether we’ll be getting these products in Southeast Asia.

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