Kojima’s P.T. Has A New PC Remake, Here’s How To Play It

It’s been about 5 years since Hideo Kojima released the Silent Hill playable teaser P.T. The planned Silent Hills game would be cancelled a year later and P.T. was forever removed from the PlayStation Store. Ever since then, fans have been trying to remake the demo on PC multiple times.

Good news for those of you who have been itching to replay P.T. or never got the chance to play it when it was on the PS Store, a new PC remake has just been completed. You can thank Artur Łączkowski, the man who single-handedly developed the remake using Unreal Engine.

The best thing about this fan remake is that it’s completely free. You can download it here. Obviously, this isn’t as polished as the original P.T. nor does it contain every detail that was present in that demo. Still, it’s a very impressive feat.

Prior to this, there was another attempt to remake P.T. for PC but that version is no longer available for download.

Author: Burhanudin Zamri

Byrgenwerth Scholar and occasional writer. Likes well-timed dodges. Dislikes dialogue wheels.

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