For those of you who are into tough-as-nails games that punish you for the slightest mistakes, you’ve probably already enjoyed the first Nioh. If you haven’t then you have ample time to get yourself acquainted because the sequel is coming out in about four months.

A new Nioh 2 release date trailer just dropped and it’s now confirmed that the game will be launched on 13 March 2020. There’s no news of the game coming to any other platforms besides the PS4 so it’s safe to assume that it’s a confirmed PS4 exclusive.

The complete edition of the first game was released nine months after the original came out for the PS4 so there might still be hope for PC players.

For those of you who never got the chance to demo Nioh 2 at any events or during the closed beta, fret not. The open beta starts tomorrow 1 November and will be playable until 10 November 2019.

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