When Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was released, gamers all over the world cheered as it finally gave them a modern game worthy of being called a Castlevania spiritual successor. It was released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintedo Switch.

The Switch port of Bloodstained was well received at launch but it was criticised for poor performance, long load times, and muddy textures. Developer ArtPlay has just released update 1.03 for the game and it introduces some much needed improvements, especially in the areas of input lag, visual quality, crashes, and load times.

According to the game’s latest Kickstarter blogpost, input lag has been eliminated throughout the game but the team believes there are still a few areas that need optimising and they are working to mitigate that through the next update.

Here are some screenshots that show off the improved visual quality:

Bloodstained ABloodstained BBloodstained C

The infamous issue of the game slowing down to almost a crawl after reading a book from the bookcase has also been addressed alongside other stability fixes implemented throughout the game. Loading times have been reduced significantly as well, by up to 70% according to the developers.

The team notes that there’s still room for improvement and they are working hard to ensure that update 1.04 will make the game much better for Switch players all around the world. The 1.03 update is now available to download for all Bloodstained Switch owners.

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