For all you sci-fi CRPG  fans out there,  today is  N7 Day, the annual event where fans celebrate the awesomeness of Mass Effect -all three of them because true fans don’t count Mass Effect: Andromeda.

To mark this year’s remembrance, Bioware added new Mass Effect-themed cosmetics to their recent live service game Anthem, including four Javelin skins, a new wrap, and a new emote. Each class of Javelin has its own skin based on a non-human species from the Bioware classic: Ranger gets Turian, Storm gets Asari,  Interceptor gets Quarian, and  Colossus gets the Krogans.


The new emote is the Shepard Shuffle, a move pulled off by ME’s lead space guy/girl in an awkward fashion in his/her favourite dance club on the Citadel. If you think you’re getting these for free,  keep in mind that these are EA properties, so you’ll have to pay for them: 61,000  coins per skin, and  23,000 coins for the emote.

So close, yet so far, Anthem. At least Bioware has a good sense to keep their N7 Day celebration low key given their recent string of bad luck and game release woes.

Images courtesy of Reddit’s CptnCASx.

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