Lionsgate & Wargaming Team Up For World Of Warships Midway Mission

With that new Roland Emmerich historical drama movie Midway coming out soon, it’s only fitting for World of Warships devs Wargaming to dedicate a special  Midway battle mission to pay tribute of sorts.

This being a joint venture with the film’s producer Lionsgate, the special stage  features the following:

  • More than 30 historical ships that took part in Midway operations
  • Special battle missions to commemorate the Battle of Midway and the movie release. By completing certain tasks within the game, players will be able to try out IJN Kaga and IJN Saipan.
  • Accurately-detailed and crafted ships based on historical documents and blueprints that were acquired from archives and naval museums.
  • Timely finds in-game. These include shipwrecks of WW2 Japanese aircraft carriers IJN Kaga and IJN Akagi that were sunk during the Battle of Midway.

The battle missions will be up from now until 5th December.  Check out the historical  ship porn below. Don’t forget: our review of the Midway film will be out this week.

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