Teamfight Tactics Now Features A New Elemental System

Is Teamfight Tactics getting a bit too stale? Worry not because the game’s Season 2 update will be changing up some things.

The Autochess-like auto-battler will introduce a new elemental system to herald the end of the beta and the beginning of Season 2. Now your champions will be aligned with one or more elements. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Crystal (Skarner, Taric, and Ashe)
  • Desert (Renekton, Sivir, Azir, Khazix)
  • Electric (Ornn, Volibear, Zed)
  • Glacial (Warwick, Volibear, Braum, Ezreal, Olaf)
  • Inferno (Zyra, Diana, Qiyana, Kindred, Annie, Brand)
  • Light (Nasus, Vayne, Jax, Aatrox, Soraka, Yorick)
  • Steel (Rek’Sai, Nocturne)
  • Mountain (Taliyah, Qiyana, Malphite)
  • Ocean (Vladimir, Thresh, Syndra, Qiyana, Nautilus, Nami)
  • Poison (Kog’Maw, Dr. Mundo, Twitch, Singed)
  • Shadow (Malzahar, Kindred, Veigar, Sion, Master Yi)
  • Wind (Yasuo, Qiyana, Janna)
  • Woodland (Maokai, Ivern, Neeko, LeBlanc)

Having multiple champions with the same element means bigger special bonuses for combat rounds. Other changes in patch  9.22 include:

  • A bigger board size; now there are four rows of seven hexes.
  • New heroes to replace old ones.
  • A decrease in number of each champion available in the pool. This forces players to come up with different team compositions.

Check out the full patch notes here. 

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