This Death Stranding Song Made Kojima Cry

Death Stranding has been out for several days now, and PS4 players are digging into Hideo Kojima’s new divisive game. While the game may look incredibly pretty (mostly thanks to Guerilla Games’ Decima Engine), it also features an original soundtrack of its own.

According to the synth-pop band Chvrches, it was their song in the game that made Kojima cry. The track, also titled Death Stranding, is an electronic epic which was written specifically for the game’s ending.

Kojima Chvrches

Speaking with BBC‘s Radio 1 Newsbeat, the band that was a “dream feedback” from Kojima. Band member Martin Doherty said:

“He (Hideo Kojima) wanted us to go and write a song in our style, something that’s a quintessential Chvrches song.

Lauren worked on the theme lyrically, I think expertly, because it stands alone as a Chvrches record – but it is also deeply connected to the game.”

The band had the privilege of watching Kojima play through the first part of Death Stranding. Band member Iain Cook said:

“That was really important to soak in the atmosphere of the game and get a sense of what it looked like and what it felt like.

“When we went to write, it came about quite quickly and quite naturally.”

Death Stranding wasn’t the first game that the band has made music for. They’ve previously written songs for FIFA 14, Gran Turismo 6, Forza Horizon 2, Grand Theft Auto V, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and Forza Horizon 3.

However, Doherty said that the process for making music in Death Stranding was a very different experience compared to their previous work in other games:

“It’s usually several calls and every single person needs to be satisfied.

It’s not really an enjoyable experience.

But because Kojima has creative autonomy, it was as simple as him saying ‘This is everything that I wanted, let’s move on’.

We really enjoyed that.

Personally, it’s my favourite thing that we’ve ever done.”

Death Stranding is out now for the PS4. In the meantime, check out our review of the game here, and listen to Chvrches’ Death Stranding song below.


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