The birds are singing, the rivers are flowing, and the Apex Legends dataminers continue to find more stuff hidden within the game’s files. Recent leaks are suggesting that a big update is coming to the game very soon because there might a ton of new weapons and items being introduced into the game.

According to a report by Dexerto, this new batch of leaked content contains a collection of possible upcoming weapons, equipment, and even a… spider?


We’ve seen the gigantic walkers and the dragon-like flyers but now spiders might be making their way into the game. The datamined model of the spider shows that it has six legs and six spikes coming out of its head which might suggest that it could be an enemy type that will attack players. Other leaks suggest that it will even have the ability to spit out a toxic mist.


Another interesting find is the ‘proximity detonator’ which has “C4” clearly written on its model. Could it be that we’re finally getting planted explosives in Apex Legends and be able to bamboozle Octane players into running towards their own deaths? I sure hope so because that would be a great addition to the game.


There’s even a file labeled ‘plasma turret’. So far, there’s never been a player-controlled turret put into Apex Legends and I honestly don’t think they have ever hinted at adding those into the game but this is a leak we’re talking about so there’s a high chance it won’t become a thing but if it does, it will definitely change the way the game is played.

These are definitely some interesting finds with some of them hinting at big changes to the gameplay. However, leaks are meant to be taken with a barrel of salt and skepticism so you Octane players don’t have to worry too much about running into any C4 explosives. Yet.

Check out other cool stuff found in the leaks:

Bolo Sword
Caber Shot (Thrown)
Combat Knife
Data Knife
Drone Attack
Drone Frag
Fireteam Drop Pod
Grenade Indicator / Frag Sentry
Grunt Helmet
Loot Compass
Pilot Helmet
Projectile Rocket Launcher
Screwdriver (for Octane?)
Sentry Shield
Tablet Mini
Worker Drone

All images are from Reddit user @sradgirl555.

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