There are many things in life most of us will never be able to afford. Fortunately, a copy of Monster Hunter World isn’t one of those things and if you haven’t gotten on board the Monster Hunter train, now is a great time to do so. On the other hand, these two statues I’m about to show you are probably outside of your budget. Outside of mine too.

As shown in the video above, Capcom has released two statues of popular monster from the Monster Hunter franchise both priced at ¥8.8 million each which is a bit over US$80,000. If you’re feeling like saving US$10,000, then you buy them in a set which gets you both of the statues for ¥16.5 million or somewhere near US$150,000.

Here are more specific details on each statue as taken from the U-Treasure online store:

gold rathina

24K Gold Rathian

  • Figure size: H 7.5cm x W 15.5cm x L 11cm
  • Glass case size: H 22mm x W 20mm x D 20mm
  • Weight: Approximately 600g


Silver Rathalos (made from platinum)

  • Figure size: H 15cm x W 15cm x L 7.5cm
  • Glass case size: H 22mm x W 20mm x D 20mm
  • Weight: Approximately 840g

2019 marks the 15th year of Monster Hunter‘s anniversary and these statues are part of Capcom’s way of celebrating that since they appear on the Monster Hunter 15th Anniversary Japanese website.

As a new fan of the series and someone who has a hard time even affording new AAA games, I’m definitely not the customer that Capcom is targeting with these statues. That’s also reinforced by the fact that these are only sold in Japan. Then again, if you’re keen o buying a video game statue for more than  US$80,000, a few thousands more for a trip to Japan wouldn’t hurt.

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