Ni no Kuni Goes Mobile; Out In Late 2020

Straight out of South Korean game expo G-Star, where the biggest F2P MMOs and mobile games are announced and will be out in English a  year or two later, we get this doozy of an announcement:  a new Ni no Kuni game.

In a  move that may anger some hardcore  JRPG players, Netmarble and Level-5 will be developing a Ni no Kuni game, subtitled Cross Worlds, for iOS and Android for the second half of 2020 in Japan. Before you take out your pitchforks, just check  it out (via  Gematsu):

This mobile RPG features 5 classes to play as, the opportunity to build your own kingdom, real-time hack and slash like Ni no Kuni 2, PvE quests, and some good ol’ fashioned  PvP.

It’s made by the same development staff who did Lineage 2: Revolution, so at least the combat will be good. For a mobile game anyway; let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Author: Mr Toffee

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