A now-defunct Microsoft Store listing stated that Ninja Theory’s next big game for the Xbox One and PC, Bleeding Edge, will be out on 24th March, 2020.

If this sounds enticing and wish to test the game out early -as per standard for fighting games these days like Grand Blue Fantasy Versus and Jump Force– you can access to two closed beta sessions on 14th February and 13th March. The catch? You have to pre-order the game.

Key features in the upcoming multiplayer brawler include (via the Microsoft listing page captured by TrueAchievements):

  • No Stopping Us – Synergize with your teammates to become an unstoppable force in the face of your enemies – freeze foes in time, control minds, ride missiles and unleash electrifying guitar solos in exhilarating action combat that rewards technique, timing and teamwork.

  • Treacherous Terrain – Use your environment to your advantage with deadly arena hazards and gain the upper hand in moments of chaos. Yank opponents into a high voltage electric fence with Buttercup’s saw blade. Charge enemy aggressors into the path of an oncoming train with Makutu’s shoulder barge. Trap careless enemies within Maeve’s magical cage and light a raging fire beneath their very feet.

  • Mod Your Combat, Show Your Style – Power up your fighters’ weapons and abilities from a vast arsenal of cybernetic parts, all earnable through gameplay. Customise your hoverboard mounts to ride with style across the vibrant cyberpunk arenas of Bleeding Edge.

I’m honestly getting an Anarchy Reigns vibe from this game. The only difference is that Ninja Theory might make this brawler stand out further from the rest.



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