Obsidian’s Grounded Looks Like A Honey I Shrunk The Kids Game

During the X019 London Inside Xbox live stream, Obsidian Entertainment announced their new Xbox exclusive IP, titled Grounded. Unlike their previous games like Fallout New Vegas and the recently-released The Outer Worlds, Grounded is a first-person single-player or co-op survival game with a premise that’s basically a Honey I Shrunk The Kids game.

In Grounded, players will have to gather resources and craft items in a setting that seems to be the yard behind a normal suburban home, while being smaller than insects, or essentially the size of Marvel’s Ant-Man.

Obsidian Entertainment Director of Communications Mikey Dowling said:

“Created by a small development team, one of many working on new projects in the studio, Grounded is a true passion project.

This title has given the team the creative outlet to bring their years of developing highly regarded games to bear on the survival genre.

RPGs like The Outer Worlds will always be in Obsidian’s DNA, but from time to time we want to stretch our creative muscles and try things that might be a little different.”

Grounded is slated to release for the Xbox One and PC (as well as on the Xbox Game Pass) sometime in Spring 2020 under the Xbox Game Preview program, with a full version release planned for an unspecified date.

In the meantime, check out the Grounded trailer below.


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