Fans of Street Fighter III; you’ll be getting your favourite resurrecting final boss in  Street Fighter V.  I’m referring to the two-coloured Illuminati leader Gill.

Oh, and Street Fighter V will be getting a Champion Edition too because this game is ever-evolving and Capcom needs to make its SFV money and projected profit back. This was all revealed during the Capcom Pro Tour  North American Regional Finals an hour ago or so.


Here’s what the Street Fighter III  final boss will bring to the table next month (December 2019):

  • He’s essentially an alternative to Urien, though he seems to have more projectile  options with his Cryokinesis and Pyrokinesis.
  • He can inflict a debuff called Retribution onto his foes. If his opponent is hit with both fire and ice attack, the word “retribution” appears on-screen, and Gill gets a  significant advantage.
  • When “retribution” starts, Gill’s overhead causes a hard knockdown, his standing Heavy Punch leaves him at plus 10 on hit, and he can juggle and air reset better.
  • He can summon a flying projectile  (fire or ice) via his V-Skill  Diving Comet. When afflicted, fire reduces grey life while ice stops the stun gauge from recovering.
  • He can also parry via his second V-Skill.
  • He has two V-Triggers: the first one is Primal Fire that gives him a fire-based launcher that doubles as a downward angled projectile. The second is Ice of Doom that’s basically a long-reaching wall-bounce property attack that also doubles as another version of Kolin’s Diamond Dust.
  • He also comes with an awesome stage called Sun Chase Moon set in Italy(?), with a  tower in the centre of the stage that splits day and night.

Wait, what? Yes, for the first time in SFV history, you can choose between 2 V-Skills before a  match in this new update. Here’s a simple breakdown of Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.

  • 40 characters. With Gill already announced, that’s 39 so far. So we’re going to get one more for Season 4.
  • 34  stages.
  • 200+ costumes, with 25%  of them dedicated for just Chun-Li because of her thicc thighs.
  • Characters will now get access between two  V-Skills. Chun-Li gets her Hassanshu back, while  Ken gets his flip kick from the Capcom vs SNK games. Zeku can summon a  weasel for some reason as well. Rashid gets an air-dash of sorts, while  Juri can summon a grounded trap projectile for mixups. M.Bison/Dictator can teleport now.
  • A balance update, which may mean there’s gonna be a  Season 5.
  • A 14th February 2020 release date.

This update comes in two prices: US$29.99 for the standalone game, and US$24.99 for the upgrade kit, costumes, characters, and whatnot. The latter is available now for pre-order. If you’re cheap and just want the V-Skill and game mechanic updates, that comes free.

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