CS:GO’s First Update In Years Gives Us New Characters And Missions


If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. That’s probably the principle that Valve holds on to in regards to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. However, it’s quite obvious that some new content is much needed and thankfully, Valve has shown that they still care about CS:GO.

Operation Shattered Web has just been announced and it’s bringing along a host of new stuff to the game including special characters, new missions, a new battle pass format, and more. The operation has gone live and even those without an Operation Pass can play the missions.

The biggest additions are definitely the Shattered Web Agents which are basically new skins for players to wear in both Operation Missions and on any other maps. They are all available as mission progress rewards and can be unlocked by completing said missions. I don’t know about you guys but they kind of remind me of the Operators in Rainbow Six: Siege, just without special abilities.

You unlock the new characters by earning Stars upon mission completion. In the 16+ weeks that the Operation lasts for, new missions will be introduced each week for you to earn more Stars. The missions must be completed in a range of modes and maps including Casual, Competitive, Danger Zone, Guardian, and more.

A new mission type coming to game alongside Operation Shattered Web is Guardian Strike. You will team up with a friend in a co-op mission that sees you both defending the world from Terrorists. You will earn Guardian XP and be rewarded with Stars and Operation Weapon Drops.

Another exciting addition to game are the new maps. Believe it or not, CS:GO will finally have a moon base map in a place called Lunacy. It will have low gravity so prepare for some floaty mayhem. The other new map is Jungle, a community-created Danger Zone map. Both of these maps are also available for regular matchmaking games.

Of course, no one would accept a CS:GO major update that doesn’t come with new cosmetics. There are more than 40 new skins and cases for your knives and guns in Operation Shattered Web, each one belonging to a collection such as Norse, St. Marc, and more. There are also new stickers and graffiti.

Operation Shattered Web may not attract new players to the game but most of the time, people don’t need more reasons than “it’s Counter-Strike” to try out CS:GO so this big introduction of new content will definitely give all players something new to enjoy.

For more information and to check out the F.A.Q., head on over to the Shattered Web website.

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