Early critics reviews have not been so good for Google Stadia, the company’s promised cloud gaming trailblazer, console-killer and so-called future of gaming. Perhaps Google could count on public users to support the product post-launch?

No chance for that, as it looks like the odds are against Stadia even as it launched just two days ago on 19 November 2019. People are reporting pre-order delays, not receiving the access code required to use the cloud game service and/or the hardware of the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition.

It got so bad that the Google Stadia mega-thread on Reddit has been bombarded with complaints and rants over the delays. Some have even started petitions to demand refunds and compensation for those suffering from the pre-order delay issue and have yet to receive access to the cloud game streaming service.

According to IGN, one of the major reasons why users are upset over the pre-order delays is because Google previously promised that unique Stadia display names can be obtained at a first-come, first-serve basis, which means that those who pre-ordered can reserve the names that they wanted. However, due to the delay, some of those who pre-ordered hasn’t been able to enjoy this privilege, which they paid for.

As a result, even those who purchased Google Stadia post-launch have been able to obtain their unique display names, despite not pre-ordering the product. Since then, the official Google Stadia Twitter account has issued a statement on the matter:

All of this doesn’t bode well for Google Stadia, which many gamers were sceptical of even prior to being launch. Google needs to work fast to rectify the problems or the cloud game streaming service of the future that they promised will remain dead on arrival, and likely stay that way.



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