These Adidas Shoes Are Inspired By Star Wars’ Most Iconic Starships

Adidas and Star Wars are collaborating yet again for another line of shoes to commemorate the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker next month. The new Adidas x Star Wars Space Battle collection consists of three popular shoes from the sports brand: the Ultraboost S&L, the Ultraboost 19 and the futuristic Alphaedge 4D.

Ultraboost S&L X-Wing Starfighter (RM750)

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This one is inspired by none other but the X-Wing, with the blueprint of the iconic starfighter covering the upper and sole of the shoe, as well as the colours orange and grey. The quotes ”Stay on target.” and “The force will be with you, always.” adorn the heels.

Ultraboost 19 Millennium Falcon (RM850)

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This sneaker is inspired by perhaps the single most iconic ship in Star Wars canon, with grey and blue colouring, reflective features, and metallic elements that reflect the Millennium Falcon. The quotes “Jump to lightspeed.” and “Never tell me the odds.” adorn the heels.

Alphaedge 4D Death Star (RM1400)

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Inspired by the Death Star, this shoe is primarily black, sporting a metallic upper and 3D-printed midsole. The quotes “That’s no moon.” and “The power of the dark side.” adorn the heels.

The Star Wars x Adidas “Space Battle” collection is now available for purchase on and at select Adidas retailers.


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