Final Fantasy VII Remake To Feature New Bosses; Game To Be Released In Multiple Parts

Another month has passed, with new Final Fantasy VII Remake info being drip-fed to the gaming populace. This time, it’s about bosses.

Game director Tetsuya Nomura said on a Square Enix blog post today that the upcoming remake will feature a number of new bosses and character battles.

“With regard to new characters of whom I said during past interviews that there would be ‘none’ – though they aren’t main characters, their numbers ended up growing considerably in the process of creating a rich depiction of Midgar. When you think of Midgar’s final boss, you probably think of the M.O.T.O.R., but in this game, new bosses will appear and add to the excitement of the story even more.”

Also, as predicted earlier, the game will be released in multiple parts. The first part -ie the one we’re getting March 2020- will be set entirely in Midgar. The devs are already working on the second.

“We’ve already begun working on the next one as well, but I’m confident that playing through this title will expand your expectations just like the world that extends beyond Midgar.”

Check out the new screenshots of the game that came with this bit of good news for JRPG fans.

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