The upcoming Mega Man collection featuring X’s buddy Zero may be delayed, but at least Capcom’s devs are packing in a ton of stuff to make up for it.

Not only will the collection feature new artwork from Mega Man X series artist Keisuke Mizuno (featured on this article), but will also contain a total of 20 mini-games. These include:

  • Copy X, where you control Mega Man X’s clone in Mega Man Zero 3 and use elemental attacks in a real-time puzzle game.
  • Hidden Phantom, where you control the ninja Neo Arcadia Guardian and jump atop one shuriken to another to reach the end.
  • Energy Converter, a minigame in Mega Man ZX that’s part Tetris, part Columns.
  • Quiz Advent, a short quiz game that challenges your trivia knowledge of the ZX series.


In spite of the pushback, I’m just glad future generations will get to experience the joyful torture feeling I went through with the Zero and ZX series. This time, they get to play it on a bigger screen than the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. Consider yourselves blessed, boomers.

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