Playstation Japan Ad Rips Off A Lot Of Artists

Just a few days ago, PlayStation Japan released a colourful and cheerful video showing off a lineup of the latest PS4 games. We really liked it, but it looks like some animators and artists have started to notice something really off about the video.

Animation website Catsuka uploaded a video showing a side-by-side comparison of the PS Japan PS4 lineup music video and a compilation of footage that appears to be the original works that the PS Japan video allegedly plagiarises. A lot of the scenes appear to be one-to-one copies so it’s hard to just consider this as coincidence.

The music video was directed by Kevin Bao who was hired by Eallin Animation to produce the video. The studio tweeted out a statement clarifying that they’ve immediately ceased working with him and have contacted him for a response.

It looks like Bao know he’s done something wrong. All of his social media accounts including Instagram, Vimeo, and Tumblr have all been deleted.

Some of the first people to notice the plagiarised work were animators themselves. At least four seconds of 2D animator Oleg Kositsyn’s work was used and OK K.O.! creator Ian Jones-Quartey pointed out Takafumi Hori’s work in Steven Universe The Movie was traced.

It’s heartbreaking to see something so cool turn out to be a piece of work that profited off other people’s ideas. Here’s hoping Kevin Bao gets the reprimand he deserves if he’s guilty, and all the original animators are given the appreciation they deserve.

Thanks, Kotaku and Cartoon Brew.

Author: Burhanudin Zamri

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