Bravest Warriors’ Main Attraction Is Getting His Own Show

Remember the sci-fi escapades of Bravest Warriors? Yeah, those episodes were fun, but the real highlight is the random antics of one cat/ladybug hybrid called Catbug. And now the cute fella is getting his own show.

According to a Deadline report, Frederator Studios is pitching a standalone Catbug show to traditional and streaming networks. It’ll be produced and helmed by Pendleton Ward and Breehn Burns.

No network has signed onto the project yet, but rest assured, we’ll have our Catbug fix satiated soon enough.

Why Is Catbug A Big Deal?

It’s a ladybug and a cat rolled in one, voiced adorably by kid actor Sam Lavagnino. He possesses the ability to teleport between two dimensions: the real world and See-Through World. He’s also adorable, childlike, and carefree.

This highlight reel of the creature will hopefully win you over.



Author: Mr Toffee

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