Kakuchopurei’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Cooler Master MH751 Gaming Headset (RM299)


Going for a budget option doesn’t always mean you’re sacrificing quality. When it comes to gaming headsets, the Cooler Master MH751 holds true to that statement. As someone who’s also used headsets around the RM500 price range, I can guarantee you this pair is just as good, if not better.

The MH751 has great sound quality but it truly elevates itself in the budget headset category when you take into account its amazing detachable microphone. It might not have great noise-cancellation but the clarity is definitely on par with those that come with headsets way above its price point.

I’m not a big fan of wearing headphones outside, but if you’re looking for a pair of gaming headset that you can use in your daily commute, this is a good choice. No one will be staring at you for having flashy RGB or bright “gamer” colours.

The lack of a blatant Cooler Master logo is also a big bonus in my books. Unfortunately, it doesn’t separate external sounds that well, so do keep that in mind. -Burhan 


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