Kakuchopurei’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Joker Graphic Novel by Brian Azzarello (RM89)


Nowadays it’s really hard to find anyone who’s never heard of the Clown Prince of Crime. His recent movie which became the first-ever R-rated movie to go beyond US$1 billion in revenue is a testament to his appeal as not only a villain to The Dark Knight, but as a character that gives off a level charm unseen in most comic book supervillains.

Azzarello’s graphic novel tells an amazing story where The Joker gets releasedfrom Arkham Asylum and returns to Gotham to find that the city is too divided for his liking. So he goes on a chaotic spree to take back Gotham City for himself.

It’s not just the well-written story that makes this graphic novel a must-buy for comic books fans, the art is absolutely amazing too. Lee Bermejo’s realistic depictions of the characters and environments will no doubt immerse you into the horrible landscapes of Gotham and all of its denizens. -Burhan


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