Two Platinum Games Classics Are Getting Bundled Up For A 4K Remaster [Update]

Update 12/10/19

PlayStation has released a trailer for the Bayonetta & Vanqusih 10th Anniversary Bundle which confirms that the bundle is also coming to the PS4 on the same release date of 18 February 2020. The Launch Edition will also come with a steelbook cover.

Just yesterday, we reported on a leak regarding a remastered version of Platinum Games’ Vanquish being listed on the Microsoft Store. We can now not only confirm that the game is indeed getting a remaster but another classic from the studio is also getting the 4K 60FPS treatment.


Both Bayonetta and Vanquish have been listed in the Microsoft Store separately and also bundled together in a Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle. All three of them are scheduled to launch on 18 February 2020 and will purportedly be playable in 4K 60FPS on Xbox One.

No news of them coming to the PS4 yet but we’re confident that there’s going to be equivalent releases for the PlayStation console. Do note that both of the games are still digitally sold on Steam which already supports the games being played in 4K 60FPS and even beyond that if your hardware can handle it.


If you can’t get it on PC and can’t wait for the remasters to come to consoles, go ahead and salivate over the Microsoft Store listing for Vanquish, Bayonetta, and the bundle.

Author: Burhanudin Zamri

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