Kakuchopurei’s Best Of 2019: Prelude

It’s only a month or so left until it’s 2020. So what better way to celebrate these next few weeks than with every video game news site’s favourite activity: vanity project features where we talk about our favourite gaming things of 2019?

To which we say “let’s take things up a notch.” We can’t just pick one game of the year: there are way too many nominees to take into account.

So how about we vote 30 of them? Not 10, not a 100 because we don’t want to count subpar or average titles. Just 30.


Starting next week, we will be publishing 30 writeups about the 30 best games of 2019 in 30 working days (16th December to 24th January). Once per day, we feature one game that blew our minds and is worthy of your attention this year; the articles will go up at 5pm GMT+8.

This isn’t just some simple list; this is a group effort from us. We wouldn’t be here were it not for our readers, so we want to do something more fun and personable for your entertainment and for your knowledge-strengthening.

Also, you’re wondering why we are publishing this in the middle of the month instead of earlier? Because there are a few other games this month to keep an eye out for, and they might be on this list. Unlike other game awards shows or vanity projects, we make sure to cover ALL of 2019.

So stay tuned as we end 2019 with this incredibly special month-long feature. We’ll still have our patented Best Of 2019 awards too, but it’ll mostly be for extra-special categories and will just be a one-day thing that will pop up somewhere in January just before we reach our 30th game.

P.S: We’ll be updating Kakuchopurei less starting 23rd December until 13th January. Happy early holidays!

Author: Team KKP

If you see this under "author", it means that Kakuchopurei's collective of awesome writers and guest(s) worked together to make this news-slash-feature happen.

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