New Bravely Default Announced For Nintendo Switch; Slated For 2020


Fans of turn-based RPGs, you’ll be getting a new Bravely Default sequel next year.

There’s not much news regarding Bravely Default II beyond the trailer below and the fact that its original team will be teaming up with the Octopath Traveler developers. So it’ll be charming and beautiful to look at, in other words.

And Revo is back to compose the OST, so yay!

The first Bravely Default was supposed to be a sequel to Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light but it became its own series and spawned a sequel. The game featured beautiful backdrops, grindy dungeons, and a pretty cool battle and Job system. Oh, and a pretty neat third act twist. Hopefully, this third game will up the ante in that regard.

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