Playable Teaser For Gothic Remake Released

The original Gothic was released back in 2001. It wasn’t exactly a best-selling hit but it became a cult classic especially in some parts of Europe and the US. Almost 20 years later, we’re finally getting to see a glimpse of a possible remake of the game.

A playable teaser for the yet-untitled Gothic remake has been released on Steam. Steam users who own any game developed by Piranha Bytes (now a subsidiary of THQ Nordic) will have the playable teaser in their library. Upon finishing the playable teaser, players can fill up a survey to help the developers know what they want fixed and included in the full game.

The playable teaser allows players to roam around the Mining Colony of Khorinis which is the starting area of the original game. According to Gamasutra, THQ Nordic is using the playable teaser to learn what fans really want from the remake whether it’d be just getting the same game with new visuals or something more.

For now, full production of the Gothic remake hasn’t exactly started. THQ Nordic will only start properly developing the game if there is a demand from the community. As someone who’s always been intrigued by the world of Gothic but never got to experience it, I’m definitely hoping the project takes off.

Author: Burhanudin Zamri

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