The Best Steam Winter Sale 2019 Deals

The Steam Winter Sale has begun, and with it comes a new sales mechanic and a bunch of titles with slashed prices. It’ll last from today until 2nd January 10am PST.

Customers can now earn Festivity Tokens by buying marked-down games or completing Holiday Quests. These tokens can be spent in the Holiday Market where you can get Chat Stickers, Chat Room Effects, and sales coupon. If you ask us, the latter is definitely more enticing.

Here are our top picks for this holiday sale. We’ll be updating this page as the days go by.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (RM80)


One of our favourite Final Fantasy games is now half price on PC. If you want to see and play a better Star Wars story than Episode IX, go play this one. Even if you played the original FFXII, you may want to see it in 60fps high-res glory. It’s majestic stuff.

Risk of Rain 2(RM31.20)


This randomized third-person shooter is still in early access, but that still doesn’t mean you should ignore it. The sequel to the 2D shooter is just as frenetic and challenging as before, now that you have to deal with a 3D space.

Stardew Valley (RM18.60)

Stardew Valley

The hit farming game is now 40% off. As if you needed more excuses to jump aboard the “US Harvest Moon but better” bandwagon.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (RM206.67)

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 13

It’s not a huge price markdown, but it’s a pretty good Star Wars game. So why not?

Monster Hunter: World(RM55.60)


Need to play Iceborne on PC next year? Better get the base Monster Hunter game while it’s on sale.

Fallout 4 (RM35.55)


Believe it or not, Bethesda created a Fallout game that isn’t an MMO-esque dumpster fire. Get part 4 for a 70% discount.

Darksiders III(RM40.46)


If Darksiders Genesis is too pricey for you, get this instead. This game is basically Dark Souls with the 90s apocalypse touch, and ample dodge invincibility windows.

Katana Zero (RM21.44)

Katana Zero

This beauty of a 2D action game is now 33% off. Not only do you get some challenging gameplay, you also have a sweet soundtrack to get jiggy with too.

Life is Strange 2(RM64.09)


Dontnod’s latest story-heavy game is now 51% off. If you instead want a sample of the madness and melancholy, you can buy the first episode for RM6.50 instead.

Dark Souls III (RM42.50)


In terms of polish and overall scale, Dark Souls III is the best in the series. If you don’t think you’re ready for Sekiro, this is the best game for you to prepare yourself on PC.



Stop and time slows down. Move and time starts to move as well. SUPERHOT is high adrenaline action perfect for those looking for the closest thing to a John Wick simulator.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition (RM52.25)


When it comes to turn-based western RPGs, Original Sin 2 is one of the most rewarding experiences to ever grace PC gaming. Everything from the combat to the dialogue has hundreds of hours worth of amazing content.

Author: Team KKP

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