Final Fantasy XV’s Ardyn Is Your Next Dissidia Fighter

Ask, and ye shall receive. Final Fantasy XV’s main bad guy Ardyn Izunia will be joining the Dissidia Final Fantasy roster next year.

Just like FFXV’s hero Noctis, Ardyn has the “power of kings” which include warping, phasing, summoning crazy weapons from thin air, and using royal arms. Unlike Noctis, he uses daemon magic to harass his foes from afar.

Check out his evil fighting style below.

Given that he’s one of the main reasons people stuck around for FFXV’s story, it’s nice to see this bad guy get some recognition similar to Kefka and Kuja in this side game. Ardyn will be joining the cast on 9th January 2020 as DLC. If you’re playing this fighting game in Japanese arcades though, you can use him starting 24th December. 

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is out on PS4 and PC.

Author: Mr Toffee

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